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Soft Magnetic Powder Characteristics

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Metal soft magnetic powder core is produced by powder metallurgy which based on metal soft magnetic and then coated post-procession. It has the special functions of magnetoelectric conversion and energy storage. Because of the exiting of the insulating coating layer on the powder surface, it can effectively improve the resistivity of powder, and low loss in high frequency conditions; meanwhile, the thin thickness of  insulating layerwill effect a small on  the saturation magnetic


What is magnetic loss? Magnetic core loss refers to the loss of energy in the alternating magnetic field during its production, it is a very important  technical indicators with soft magnetic powder core , including hysteresis loss, eddy current loss and residual loss .

Eddy current loss can be divided into magnetic particles and inside the particles. The eddy current loss in the particles is mainly determined by the resistivity of the powder itself, and reducing the powder particle size can significantly reduce the eddy current losses in the particles. The eddy current loss between the particles is mainly determined by the resistivity of the insulating coating, the integrity of the coating and the thickness of the coating.

The bigger resistivity of the coating layer, the more complete the coating, the smaller eddy current loss between the particles, and the regular morphology is very beneficial to the insulation coating of the powder.

Therefore, in order to obtain the soft magnetic powder cores with low magnetic loss, it must to reduce the coercive force and control the thickness, uniformity and integrity of the insulating coating. The impurity in the powder particles has a pinning effect on the rotation of magnetic domains, thus increasing coercivity. The impurity content and the internal structure of the powder have great influence on the coercivity, and the sizemorphology of the powder are directly related to the thickness and uniformity of the insulating coating, and the effect on the eddy current loss is very obvious.

In response to market demand, Jiangxi Yuean has developed soft magnetic powder products such as FeSiCr, FeSi6.5 and FeSi3-7. It has the characteristics of low oxygen, sphericity and minuteness.

For example, the gas atomized FeSi6.5 alloy powder, D50 is 25.8 μm, a narrow size distribution, geometric standard deviation of delta 1.75, -500 mesh (< 28 m) of the fine flour extraction rate reached 60%, the preparation of soft magnetic metal powder core with low loss and high DC superposition characteristics, suitable for the new energy (photovoltaic inverter, electric car charging), smart appliances, switching power supply and power electronics.


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