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Product Application
Carbonyl iron powder has excellent special properties.

Due to the production process and the large activity , small particle size, ball type, layered structure, as sintering liquid phase to form a more continuous bonding phase suppress brittle phase, to obtain high density or full densification high-performance products. Carbonyl iron powder are widely used in powder metallurgy, metal injection molding, etc.. At the same time, carbonyl iron powder has high magnetic flux ratio at high frequency and ultra high frequency, and it is also widely used in the field of magnetic materials. Carbonyl iron powder can improve matrix of diamond holding force and improve the wear resistance of substrate, is also a very good system suitable for diamond tools matrix. Carbonyl iron powder is absorbed by the body to exceed the current use of compound iron supply, can be used in food additives, bio pharmaceutical and other fields.

Chemical Addictive
Diamond Tools
Electronic Components
High Density Alloy
Inks Printing
Microware Absorbing Material
Pharmaceutical & Nutritional Additive


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