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Letter from Chairman
Dear Honored Customers, Industry Experts and Friends:
Firstly, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to your consistent focus on and kindly support to our company Jiangxi Yuean Superfine Metal Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Yuean Metal") along these years!

Jiangxi Yuean Superfine Metal Co., Ltd is a large technological enterprise producing superfine and super-pure metal powders and membrane materials under the brand name 'Yuelong Powder'.  We have employed a large number of experts, professors, and engineers to be engaged in Powder Metallurgy R&D and have established several R&D centers in both domestics and overseas.

Nowadays, Yuean Metal's carbonyl iron powder is widely used in various applications, including Pharmaceutical & Nutritional Additive, Chemical Additive, Electronic Components, Metal Injection Moulding and Powder Metallurgy as well as Chemical Vapor Deposition.  And it takes up a large global market share and hence owns a well-known reputation in its industry. Moreover, it contributes greatly to the technological improvements in these new industries.

Meanwhile, we have been strictly sticking to the following business notions in order to offer outstanding quality and cost-effective products to our customers:
        * To quest for the best quality in delivering products
        * To march for innovation in our R&D
        * To be header and shoulder above in our domain industries
        * To seek for technical leading position
        * To provide dedicated products and services with core competitive values to our customers
I sincerely hope that more and more friends and talents could join in the research and development of new materials as well as their applications. Through this close cooperation, I firmly believe that we could create a better win-win future!

My best regards to your family happiness and good health!  Wish you a prosperous business! 
Li Shangkui
Chairman of the Board


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